Finally, A Pair of Slippers That actually bring to your feet and your enhances your entire well-being... Without Ever Going To The Spa it or not, your feet play an important role in keeping FIT as you age... In fact, Staying Fit Begins With Your FEET!

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Reflexology Sandals Provide Feet With Good Pain Feeling – The Wall Street Journal 

Beyond the extra pampering, some spas swear, these flip-flops can fix everything from liver problems to insomnia by stimulating the corresponding nerve endings in the feet. – Excerpt, The Wall Street Journal


the Problem...

Most forget that our soft feet, also the most overlooked area of the body, bear the entirety of the body’s tension and weight. We should take care of our feet and maintain them healthy and flexible… 

Here is the solution you need...

Even a few minutes of daily foot massage can help. This is the point at when the acupressure slippers come in handy. The following are some of the health benefits associated with acupressure slippers.

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1.Promotes Sleep

If you start walking in acupressure massage slippers, it can help relieve foot pain and can induce better sleep as well. These slippers target the nerve endings, which helps in better blood circulation and relaxed nerves.

2.Fights Depression

In our body, there are so many nerve endings that are connected with various organs situated right below the feet. Acupressure slippers massage the feet and act as a pain reliever. The area around the center of the toe and the ball of the feet are linked to mental and emotional health. Targeting these areas by wearing acupressure sandals can benefit you by relieving the symptoms of depression.

3.Relieves Body Ache

Regular use of acupressure slippers can help in reducing your body pain. The pain arising from the neck, ankles, migraine headaches, thighs, or the lower back can be fully cured by walking in these acupressure slippers for 30 minutes daily.

4.Restless Leg Syndrome

When you have the constant urge to move your leg while experiencing a pulling or burning sensation, you may be suffering from restless leg syndrome. It’s more of a neurological disorder. Walking in acupressure slippers targets the specific nerve endings that relieve the pain and increases the blood circulation which might heal your feet completely over time.

5.Multiple sclerosis

Wearing acupressure slippers can address symptoms of fatigue in patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It also helps to treat various other health issues that have similar symptoms. However, you need to use them regularly for the best results.

6.General Relaxation

After having a long and tiring day on your feet, one of the best ways to relax is through a relaxing and soothing foot massage, especially if you encounter swelling on your leg. Acupressure slippers made just for that.

7.Lowers Blood Pressure

In today’s life, high blood pressure has become very common. It can be caused by so many factors like stress, unhealthy diet, etc, but in most cases, it is believed to be an environmental factor. Wearing these slippers can help you lower blood pressure and anxiety resulting in improved mood.

8.Improved Endocrine Flow

It is believed that people who wear these slippers are able to detect if an endocrine reflex is under or overactive and can help balance the reflexes accordingly until such time as they feel a balance returning. This is another great benefit of these slippers.

9. Eases Digestive Problems

Indigestion, heartburn, IBS are also believed to be addressed by acupressure to some extent. Few pressure points around the body are said to help in opening up the digestive channel. Acupressure slippers work on these points to relieve such issues.

10. Eases Menopause and PMS symptoms

Most of the women suffer from extreme mood swings and severe pain due to premenstrual syndrome. Wearing acupressure slippers can reduce the symptoms of menopause such as depression, backache, and foot ache. The focal point to target in order to relieve the stress is the area where the big toe meets the rest of the feet.

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Give your feet the much needed care and enhance your fitness

Order the NEW Massage Slippers NOW and save up to 50% on the cost. Get FREE Delivery to your doorstep.

That’s not all, you also get a FREE Bonus Item- —- to complement your order.

Normal Price: CFA56,399

Sales Price: CFA27,900

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