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Who Doesn't Love A Good BBQ?

Everybody loves a good barbecue!

The taste of the finished product is always like a special occasion. Ask the Suya advocate to tell you more.

But now you can have your Suya prepared by you under healthier and more hygienic conditions.

And you can make a Suya out of almost any food this season!

Make This Season Truly Special For You & Your Loved Ones With The...

Original Double Grill Pan

5 Reasons to Grill With The Original Double Grill Pan

These benefits are aside the fact that it is both portable and easy to maintain. With the Original Dessini Double Grill Pan, you can enjoy comprehensive grilling anytime, and in the privacy of your home!

The Original Dessini Double-sided Grill Pan
Multifunctional Pressure Pan
Non Stick, Non Oil Grill Pan
Yummy Wings
Some Tasty Meal for Everyone
Some Tasty Meal for Everyone
Some Tasty Meal for Everyone
Some Tasty Meal for Everyone
Double-sided, Magnetic Lock
A Must Have with Anti-Slip Handle
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Cook, Fry or Grill with the 2-in-1 36cm Multifunctional Grill Pan

Hear What They Are Saying About The Original Double Grill Pan

Great Tool
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I am currently using this product for a month. Its great tool to cook oil free chicken for me. Till now the non stick stuff is intact.
A Perfect Steal
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It’s non-stick, portable, adds grill marks to your meat, double sided pan (one side you can grill with and the other side is great for pancakes/ french toast.) , It has enough space to cook a lot at once, easy to clean & most importantly it will save you some money on your electricity bill for those who grilled a lot with their oven (like me) while for others who don’t have an oven/grill, this grill pan is a great substitute. Overall I will say this is a great item to have in your kitchen.

Enjoy Better Health With Grilled Foods

With the Original Double Grill Pan, Grill Your Way to a Tasty Meal!

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Sausage
Grilled Fish

The Original Double Grill Pan makes grilling in the convenience and privacy of your home a pleasurable fun. Plus, the grilled foods taste great and healthy!

You can be the proud owner of one or even gift it to a loved one today for a low price of  FRw69,000 FRw48,000 if you order today! 

This is less than 3 months of Netflix Premium subscription! Your payment today is one-time. No renewals, ever!

You can start having tastier and healthier meals with your loved ones from today when you order yours now.

You can enjoy a healthy barbecue whenever you want for just FRw69,000 FRw48,000 without sacrificing your comfort when you order the Original Double Grill Pan today. That’s a huge discount of over 30%!

That’s not all. When you order NOW, we will have it delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost to you

Our lightening-fast delivery network will process it and deliver to you within 24 hours from the time order was confirmed – Kigali only!

We won’t stop there, we will make sure you get the attention of our award-winning customer satisfaction team whenever you have questions.

While we ensure you enjoy 100% Satisfaction. 

You can also bank on our 30 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

stainless steel tongs

What Our Customers Say About Us:

Claim Your Original Double Grill Pan Today

For a Healthier, Tastier Grill!
FRw 48,000
  • Non-slip, Heat Resistant Handle
  • Magnetic, Pressure Lock
  • Non-stick, Non-oil Pan
  • Multifunctional Grill Pan
  • Double-sided Grill Pan
  • 36cm Wide

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