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The Case Against Common Cold And Its Companions

Every year, around the world, countless works call in sick and children skip school because of this culprit – common cold. It has lived up to its name and has really proven to be a common phenomenon across seasons, generations, age, gender, national boundaries and nationality. No one or territory is spared. 

This ailment mostly caused by the rhinovirus is so notorious a special project codenamed The Common Cold Project or The British Cold Study ran between 1986 to 1989 in Salisbury, England. The study included 399 – 153 male ad 246 female, aged between 18 and 54. Similar projects have held in Pittsburg, USA in various phases between 1993 and 2011.

There are both modern and traditional remedies for this discomfort. There are almost as many remedies for cold and all its related ailments as there are nationalities. However, only a few of these have withstood the test of time, backed by some interesting scientific findings.

One of them, you will soon discover…

My Endless Fight Against the common cold...How we got here

For the most part of my teenage years and adulthood I have had to battle with cold attacks. These attacks would come at anytime of the month, yes, I had them all year round. The harmattan [you may know it as winter] was always the worst.

My nose never ran dry. I would sneeze and blow until it started peeling. I had blisters all around my nose. Most times, my handkerchiefs end up with plenty holes from the countless washing to get rid of nasal mucus

I didn’t cough much but when I did, it was painful and dry

I have experienced headaches for as long as I can recollect… so frequent it began to feel like it was normal. I still cannot tell the difference between cold-induced headaches and migraines. None of these is delightful

One particular episode with the cold remains evergreen. I had lectures and I had to the cold. Missing the lectures wasn’t an option. I went to a nearby kiosk and bought several wraps of TOM TOM sweets to get some relief from the cold.

Everything was going well until a rumbling sound began in my stomach. I thought I could hold it but I began sweating. Even the sweat was extremely discomforting. Dropping every sense of decency, I made for the bush and the rest is history. 

After taking several over-the-counter and prescribed medications, I resolved to use home and herbal remedies. Steaming with hot water, hot water bath, drinking warm water all became my daily routine.

Somebody recommended this herbal remedy to me last year and it’s been so helpful.


  • Most people cannot tell the difference between cold and Influenza/Flu. So we just lump all the symptoms together as symptoms of Cold. You may find the image below helpful.
  • There’s no permanent cure for Cold, Flu, Influenza or whatever it may be called. However, we can always seek out an effective remedy that gives us the best relief when we need it the most.
cold or flu

Here is the solution you need...

Greenlife Anti-col Tea is a herbal tea made from natural ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to prevent and treat flu, colds, headaches, coughs, and boost the immune system. This tea has a strong ingredient that boosts the immune system so that these illnesses don’t happen.

Greenlife Anti-col Tea is made from ingredients that are all natural. This tea also gives you a healthy skin tone and a lot of energy.

The Anti-col Tea is made to help people who feel sick, nauseous, or have a stomach ache. Some of its ingredients are the metabolism-boosting herbs Baphicacanthus cusia root, Taraxacum Mongolicum herb, and Viola Yedoensis herb.

One of the most popular herbal drinks is in most homes is tea. The Anti-col Tea should be in almost every home in case of an emergency. The smell and taste of the Greenlife Anti-col Tea are both soothing. The tea does not make you sleepy or cause insomnia.

Why You SHOULD GET The Greenlife Anticol Tea Today

  1. It clears the blood of heat and toxins
  2. It boosts and stimulates the immune system during feverish episodes.
  3. This medicine is recommended for fever and inflammation of the liver, influenza & the common cold, headache, swollen & painful throat & cough, epidemic encephalitis, hepatitis, mumps, and general health.
  4. It helps clear toxins from the blood, activate & support the immune system during periods of fever.

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Product's Qualities & Ingredients

Anticol Tea is 100% natural. No additives. No preservatives. Just pure ancient herbal remedy for cold, fever, etc. The ingredients include…

Side Effects

  • Not good for diabetic patients.
  • During usage, please avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, spicy foods and antibiotics.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep away from children.
  • No side effects.

Product Description

  • RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION – it is recommended you consume as much as you want until you get the desired relieve

  • SUITABILITY – can be taken by kids and adults

  • HOW TO USE – one sachet/bag per time, infused in hot water, 2-3 times daily

  • CONTENT – each pack contains 20 bags of the 100% Natural Anticol Tea

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