16 Colors LightBowl® Toilet Bowl Light

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Easy to Install

Make Your Nightly Trips to the Toilet Beautiful

Keep Your Toilet Disinfected at no Extra Cost

Be Happy. Stay Happy!




16 Colors Auto-Sensing Toilet Light & Aromatherapy & UV Disinfection 1

POTTY TRAINING. safe environment

Get your child to fall in love with using the toilet again.

The beautiful colours of the toilet bowl light makes potty training with your child fun and a breeze

As a bonus, help your child overcome bed-wetting when you install this device in your toilet.

What’s more? The toilet stays healthy before, during and after the entire exercise.

uv light

don't worry. pee happy! stay healthy

You don’t worry if the light goes off while you were taking a leak at night because the toilet bowl light is there to give you light right when you need it.

Why worry about splashing pee all over the place when you could just pee happy? 🙂 


one device. 3 functions. 16 colors. economy!

One device to colour your toilet bowl and transform it into a rainbowl.

Beautify your toilet bowl to make your nightly trips to the toilet a delight

No need to worry about cost of maintenance. It’s wireless and runs on just 3x AAA batteries.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • What's in the Pack?
  1. Auto-sensing system: it will turn on when you approach, auto off when you leave.
  2. 16-Color light emission: 16-color light in turn, each color for 15 seconds randomly, 120 seconds overall for a circle, you can also fix one color you desire.
  3. UV Sterilizer to help keep your toilet disinfected from germs and healthy always
  4. Air Freshener/Aromatherapy to keep the entire smelling. You can refill with any air freshener of your choice when the tablets that come along with it are exhausted
  5. Energy-saving and useful: it makes your bathroom easy to access via the auto-sensing device, smart and considerate.
  6. Soft PVC neck can be flexibly bent for more convenience.
  7. Sanitary design: easy to clean.
  8. Very smart device for all.
  9. Suitable for all bathrooms: home, hotel, restaurant, coffee house, etc.
  10. Sleek and stylish design, delicate ornament.

1. Type of Bulb: LED
2. Material: ABS Plastic
3. Voltage: 4.5 Volts
4. Power: 1W
5. Light Color: 16-color
6. Batteries:3 AAA batteries required. (Batteries not included)
7. Size: approx. 6.8 x 6.5 x 1.7cm / 2.68 x 2.56 x 0.67inch
8. Weight: approx. 60g

1 X LED Toilet Nightlight
1 X User Manual

2 X Aromatic/Air Freshener Tablets


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