8 Color Auto-Sensing Toilet Bowl Light

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Make Your Nightly Trips to the Toilet Beautiful




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Get your child to fall in love with using the toilet again.

The beautiful colours of the toilet bowl light makes potty training with your child fun and a breeze

As a bonus, help your child overcome bed-wetting when you install this device in your toilet.

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don't worry. pee happy!
bye to blinding lights at night

You don’t worry if the light goes off while you were taking a leak at night because the toilet bowl light is there to give you light right when you need it.

Why worry about splashing pee all over the place when you could just pee happy? 🙂 


one device. eight colours. economy!

One device to colour your toilet bowl and transform it into a rainbowl.

Beautify your toilet bowl to make your nightly trips to the toilet a delight

No need to worry about cost of maintenance. It’s wireless and runs on just 3x AAA batteries.

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Why Every Home Needs the Toilet Bowl Light...

It’s interesting how one little device can be so helpful…

Reclaim Your Sleep

There’s no awakening as rude and as hurtful as the one caused by the light switch coming in the middle of the night as you try to find your way to the toilet because you must pee or use porcelain throne somehow. This could suddenly turn your beautiful night’s sleep into a terrible nightmare that could end up with migraine and stubbed toes.

The light coming on already caused a jarring wake up. In a little less than 5 or 10 minutes later, you are violently thrown back into darkness as you turn the switch off. That sweet, preciously beautiful sleep is gone. You lay there on the bed looking into the dark space, trying to regain what the blinding light stole from you.

As you try hard to regain your sleep, tossing from left to right, the eyes become swollen from trying so hard to fall back to sleep. Just next door, a migraine is forming. The night is gone and the day breaks. Anxiety sets in. You didn’t sleep so well last night and your 9 – 5 job is here to make sure you never regained the lost sleep. Now, the migraine has a foothold and could go on for the entire week…all thanks to the blinding light

Grab a toilet bowl light! It’s bright enough to light your toilet bowl without tampering with your sleep. You also won’t have to miss your aim as you try to unload your pipe or bowels with your eyes neither awake nor asleep. The soft lights of the toilet bowl light is there to get you back to sleep, after using the toilet, without a struggle. You simply continue from where you left off a few minutes ago.

With the toilet bowl light in your toilet, you sleep relaxed; happy and experience a beautiful day. Isn’t that a good thing?

My Pee is Coming Out! Potty Training Could Be More Fun

Help your child overcome his fear of using the toilet at night with the toilet bowl light

I have a son who would not use the toilet at night—forget about trying to placate him with all the goodies and promises you can come up with—such things don’t work here. His phobia was further justified when we found a rat swimming inside our toilet bowl one night in August. Consequently, my boy would bathe in his own pee every other night except on nights when either myself or his mum wake him up to pee.

In December, I installed the toilet bowl light. That night my son almost pee-d his bladder out as he embarked on several toilet trips by himself. He found a way to generate excuses to go see the beautiful colours of the toilet bowl light. He kept saying, “My Pee is Coming Out“! And by the time he was set for bed, there was little to no pee left to soak the bed with.

Of course, the excitement eventually wore off but so did his penchant to swim in his own pee every night. Now, that’s something to consider!

It’s Sooo Beautiful to Have a Colourful Emergency Light

Then, there’s this day that power supply was down in my area and my small diesel generator refused to start. I returned from starting the generator with frustration and blisters on my palm. Our phone batteries didn’t survive the long, dark night.

In the morning, my wife needed to get ready for work but with what light? Like the phones, the rechargeable flashlight was also dead.

Most households stopped using candle lights when mobile phones started having flashlights. My house was affected by the switch.

Out of frustration and desperation, my wife grabbed the toilet bowl light. You guessed right. With it, she was able to fix the breakfast, get our son ready for school and had her make-up done. She left for work smiling

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