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8 Color Auto-Sensing Toilet Bowl Light

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Easy to Install

Make Your Nightly Trips to the Toilet Beautiful




potty training


Get your child to fall in love with using the toilet again.

The beautiful colours of the toilet bowl light makes potty training with your child fun and a breeze

As a bonus, help your child overcome bed-wetting when you install this device in your toilet.

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pee happy1

don't worry. pee happy!
bye to blinding lights at night

You don’t worry if the light goes off while you were taking a leak at night because the toilet bowl light is there to give you light right when you need it.

Why worry about splashing pee all over the place when you could just pee happy? 🙂 


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one device. eight colours. economy!

One device to colour your toilet bowl and transform it into a rainbowl.

Beautify your toilet bowl to make your nightly trips to the toilet a delight

No need to worry about cost of maintenance. It’s wireless and runs on just 3x AAA batteries.


Get yours today!

Anybody can Install and Use This

✅ It is exceptionally easy to install, use and maintain. I have had mine for 12 months now!

✅ Help your child regain his confidence with using the toilet again. Knock out the fear of the dark and bring in a colourful joy

✅ Encourage your child to overcome his nocturnal pee-wee habits. Introduce an end to bed-wetting

✅ One man lost his phone when his child took his phone to pee in the toilet. Your story can be different. Put an end to the fear of giving your phone a dip in the toilet because your child won’t need to use your phone to pee at night anymore

✅ Put a smile on granny or pa’s face this season with this beautiful gift and help them say “No!” to blinding lights at night

✅ See where you pee at night

✅ No need to recharge. Just add batteries. It’s simply economical


Get the toilet bowl night light today

toilet bowl light
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What Some of Our Customers Have to Say...

I love the concept
I never liked the idea of switching the light on when I have to use the toilet at night. I think this is better alternative.
I love it. I can see everything!
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