Get rid of

– External Wound scar

– Stretch Marks

– Severe Abrasion

– Surgical Scars

– CS scar

– After Birth stretch marks

– Surgical Needle Scar

– Keloids

– Pimples, Black spots

– Eczema

– Burns

– Scars from Insect (Mosquito) Bites

With the Lavender Repair Essence which is specially prepared to be used “for superficial skin and division after surgery such as wound care”. One of its principal components is EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor.
EGF has the unique and primary quality of promoting DNA synthesis and cell proliferation by combining with EGFR. EGF binding with EGFR leads to cell proliferation, differentiation and survival. In other words, EGF contains anti-aging properties and is effective in skin repair by signaling to your skin cells to behave like young healthy cells. EGF is one of the best kept secrets in the skin care world.

Lavender Repair Essence, among other functions, repairs the skin by stimulating the growth of new skin cells. It enhances skin barrier which in turn allows the skin to retain moisture, helping it to become smoother and softer. Also, by inhibiting melanin production during the wound healing process, other forms of hyperpigmentation such as acne marks are improved.

Lavender Repair Essence is generally non-irritating and purely organic.

For best results, use in the evening. Put a few drops in your palm, by using the dropper, and massage into the affected area. For pimples, put a few drops on a cotton wool and massage the pimple with it.
If you observe any form of irritation, stop applying it directly on your skin. Instead, dilute a few drops of Lavender Repair Essence in a small amount of water before administering.