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Helpful Resources to Keep Your Child Focused on Learning while the Schools are Closed!

A Letter to My Fellow Parents

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We All Love Smart Kids Until...

smart kids

From the moment I saw this picture, I fell in love with it. We all love smart kids. Who doesn't? Image credit: Canva

Every working parent has time management challenges. Most of us have systems we depend on to manage our family and work responsibilities. One of those systems is our schools.

But what happens when the schools are closed? Times like -

The summer holidays

After school hours


Public holidays

And other unplanned holidays 


You scream

You shout

You scold

You intimidate

You threaten

You do a lot of things to restore order but the relative calm is always short lived! 

Our children will always return to their antics once they feel bored.

The impish antics of our children can send into states of dizziness

In his free time, our son tries to rehearse the actions of his favorite super heroes. Imagine a Spiderman in diapers like in the picture above. Chills down the spine!

They tried to fix your unbroken DVD player or decoder while you were briefly out of the house or just went in for a nap?

They pretend to be taking a nap while you stood over them to make they have gone to sleep. But they have a plan that goes into action once you go stepped out.

One time, one of my kid brothers almost got electrocuted. He was probing the wall socket with a fork when no one was watching!

As exemplary parents, we always desire smart kids around us.

They keep us entertained.

They remind us of who we once were.

They challenge us, mentally

And they keep us on our toes from the rising of the sun till the going down of the same.

That's a handful!

But how do we keep them in school even when they are at home with us, because the schools are closed?

what if
  • You could access resources that enable you to be their teacher?
  • You could access resources, mostly free, that can help you keep them focused on learning while the holidays lasted?
  • You could have these resources do the heavy lifting for you without you being distracted?
  • A much better strategy that involves using a combination of virtual classes, downloadable resources and apps or any of these 3 independently?
  • You have a strategy that will not require you to scream and shout?
  • You won't have to threaten your child or emotionally blackmail him to get him to stay calm?
  • You may not need to hire home lesson teachers to tutor her after school or during the holidays?

Rather, this approach has the potential of

  • Making your child productively smarter: With some help, you can have a more resourceful, more thoughtful child. Your child can become more responsible, knowing that his/her actions have consequences.
  • Keeping your child's brain engaged all year long: I have observed that children, when not academically engaged, soon get distracted by other things like the TV, games, etc. They even create their own kind of play and it is usually "rough!"
  • Helping your child learn new and exciting things all year round (we all know how children love to brag about the new things they are learning!): There's brilliant fun for the child when they are learning something with their loved ones. Such experiences stick with them for a long time.
  • Putting your child ahead of the class because he'd be learning within and ahead of his curriculum: From my classroom experience, children who were academically or intellectually engaged during the holidays always turn up at the head of the class. While their mates played during the holidays, they studied!
  • Making you a more academically engaged parent (children love it when their parents find fun in what they are learning or doing): This could be the best time to have that overdue time alone with your child as you commit to getting him stay focused on his academics even though he might not be in school because of the holidays.
  • Bringing out the teacher and school in you: Being exposed to these helpful resources will not only make you a better parent but you will also equipped to be an excellent teacher to your child during their off-school time. 

But how can you access these helpful resources to keep your child focused on learning while the schools are closed?

We have got your back!

We have put together a guide in an electronic book (e-book) format just for you. The e-book contains:

  1. 14 websites where you can find excellent educational resources for your child
  2. Additional resource linking you to 200+ websites where you can find additional educational materials for your kid
  3. Resources cover Pre-K up to the 12th grade. So, it doesn't matter whether your child is still in preparatory school or getting set for high school (secondary school); you have no reason to worry.
  4. Information on How you can make your Scrabble Game at home. Did you know that Scrabble is not just a game but also a learning tool and has the potential to keep one healthy, especially when played with loved ones?
  5. Most of these resources are free. Only a few may require registration or subscription.
  6. You can download and print most of them. This is important because it saves you the cost of buying data or getting multiple devices and time
  7. You can recommend them to your child's school or lesson teacher when the schools reopen. The resources never go out of use.

You can find these inside Smart Kids - A Comprehensive Guide to Excellent Resources to Keep Your Child Busy After School and During the Holidays

smart kids bonuses
  • 14 downloadable and printable coloring books for your child. Some of the coloring materials are prepared in such a way that adults can also take part.  It's a creative to de-stress and have fun with the children.
  • Some resources on managing diabetes, hypertension and handling weight gain. The smartest way to gain the upper hand over diabetes and weight loss is access to quality information.
  • There will be valuable updates from time-to-time on the Smart Kids ebook, and these updates will get to your email inbox without additional costs!

Testimonies from one of the websites in the ebook

Testimonies from another of the websites in the ebook

Whether you are a teacher or a parent or both, the Smart Kids ebook is comprehensive enough to keep you and your child happy and focused on learning whenever they are not in school. You can grab your own copy before the price goes up...

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