With Sweat Pads, Never Let Them See You Sweat 2

The start of spring signifies warmer weather and lighter clothing, both in terms of bulkiness and color range. If you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, then the start of spring doesn’t necessarily bring joy but rather marks the start of the season of excessive sweating and sweat stains.

Introducing: The Anti Sweat Sticker Pads

  • Effective sweat absorption
  • Instant drying
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Completely invisible and discreet
  • Easy to use and put in your shirt
  • Fits any shirt size and type

TODAY'S PRICE: N6,500 (Free Shipping)

(Payment On Delivery)

With Sweat Pads, Never Let Them See You Sweat 3

Highly Absorbent, Quick Dry Nano-Material

Never let them see you sweat. With the Anti Sweat Sticker Pads! Designed with advanced nano-dry technology, it provides superior sweat absorption that keeps unsightly underarm rings away.

TODAY'S PRICE: N6,500 (Free Shipping)

(Payment on Delivery)

Say Goodbye To Sweat Patches!

  • Get long-lasting wetness protection that works as hard as you do! Its extra-strength adhesive guarantees all-day wear without falling apart or coming off.

    So Comfortable You’ll Forget Its There:

    The anti sweat pad is made from lightweight and ultra-thin material for maximum comfort. It’s hypoallergenic so it’s also suited for sensitive skin.

With Sweat Pads, Never Let Them See You Sweat 4

TODAY'S PRICE: N6,500 (Free Shipping)

(Payment On Delivery)

With Sweat Pads, Never Let Them See You Sweat 5

Eliminates Body Odour:

Smell fresh all day long! It also features anti-bacterial properties that effectively fight foul armpit odors.

It also stops those gross white deodorant stains and yellow sweat stains from ruining your expensive shirts and blouses.


Sweat pads that work.
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These underarm sweat pads are a good buy. Each pair are individually packed and each side have their own sticky side. It does not leave any sticky residue on the shirt after removing it. One good thing to remember is it work best on shirt that fits on your body and not on loose ones. I recommend using these on warm and humid days. These are disposables. The larger side sticks on the inside part of your clothe while the smaller side sticks on the sleeve area.
Summer essential
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As a person who sweat alot it is very difficult for me to wear certain clothes especially in warm weather ,best thing about these product is that they came individually packed are are easy to stick on ,one thing I noted is that the adhesive used is quite strong ,which keeps the pad stuck on its place ,quality of the material is better than I expected ....a relief for a person who sweat alot
They seem to do the trick...
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These seem to work! On day two and already finding that there are no sweat patches on my clothes and as it's not drying in my clothes so all I can smell is my deodorant. There also hasn't been any deodorant marks on my shirts and no glue left over which some people have reported. They do however take a bit of getting used to in terms of positioning as I've put them on only to find they are a little too far back. Overall I'm really happy with these as I've been embarrassed about having sweat patches when at work for a while. Although a bit expensive they are worth it.

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Note: 1 Pack contains 4 pads

TODAY'S PRICE: N10,500 (Free Shipping)

(Payment On Delivery)

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