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Why You Need A GPS Tracker for Your Car or Motorcycle

The Huge Benefits of Installing a GPS Tracker on Your Vehicle

As A Parent

You need a tracker to know when your child or children are using the car, their realtime location and how safe they are driving

Car Owner/Fleet Manager

As a car owner, it is important you are confident of the safety of your car or vehicle at any given time. As a fleet manager, a tracker helps you know when your employees are abusing their access to the vehicle assigned to them. It helps to monitor traffic and save huge on fuel consumption. This also applies as a benefit to the private car owner.


Trackers alert owners if the vehicle is stolen or being tampered with. If a car has been equipped with a GPS tracker, the owner can remotely deactivate the car’s ignition to prevent thieves from moving away or stealing the vehicle. If the tracker is connected to the vehicle’s electronic system, the owner can can lock the vehicle from afar and trap the thieves inside.

A Car Got Recovered And The Other Forever Lost

A few years ago...

Two car owners had their cars stolen under similar circumstances but had different endings. In both cases, the car was stolen outside the church while its owner was attending service inside.

  1. The first victim got his SUV back after he tracked it to Lokoja, all the way from Kubwa in Abuja. There was a GPS tracker installed and as soon as he realized the car had been stolen, he initiated a lockdown. The GPS tracker swung into action cutting off the car’s fuel supply and ignition. The thief abandoned the car and fled.
  2. The second victim happened to be a friend. He had parked his car in the parking lot during a Sunday service. When he got ready to go home at the close of service, he got thelot and his car was gone. Unfortunately, there was no way to track the car. It was never recovered
His Employer Caught His Lie

Not Too Long Ago...

Just recently, a friend who runs a courier/delivery service in Lagos ordered a GPS tracker through me. He installed this on one of his motorcycles without the rider’s knowledge.

On the first day after the installation, he noticed the rider was headed in the opposite direction from a scheduled delivery. When he called and asked the rider where he was, the latter told him he was stuck in the never-ending Lagos traffic. However, the tracker showed he was speeding in the opposite direction.

This happened again and again. Frustrated, my friend showed this rider the way out. Of course, after letting him know that he was being tracked all the while he kept lying to his boss. The GPS log on the tracker made it easy for my friend to show this rider the occasions where he lied about his location.

Not every failed delivery was declined by the customer and each time the rider ran out of fuel, the motorcyle was refueled at my friend’s expense.

Introducing The GF21 Realtime GPS Tracker Anti-Loss Device With High-Definition Microphone

Every tracker is unique in its own right and the GF21 Realtime GPS Tracker is one of the best in the market.

Its portability makes it easy to place it conspicuously anywhere without it being discovered.

Use it to track –

☑️ The elderly

☑️ Your child

☑️ Your car

☑️ Your van

☑️ Your motorcycle

☑️ Your luggage

Product Features

The Features That Make GF21 A Darling...

Stylish & Durable

Made of high-quality material, durable, firm and stable for optimal use

Dynamic Functionality

Remote pickup, remote recording, voice-activated callback, voice-activated recording, high-definition silicon microphone,WIFI+LBS+AGPS positioning.
Real-time tracking, historical tracking log, vibration burglar alarm, electronic fence, built-in strong magnetic, multiple power-saving modes, low-power alarm , remote switch machine.

Special SOS Function

In case of emergency, press the SOS key, that is, to send a call and information to the guardian for help

Mobile Phone App

Has a mobile phone app for Android and iOS devices. Set alarm and view realtime locations of your vehicles, luggage, persons, etc. Where and when necessary, take back control with your phone

Intelligent Power-Saving

Turn off/turn on GPS and data upload in time.

Remote Monitoring

This is made possible with the inbuilt high-definition microphone designed to pick sounds from the surroundings in the event of an emergency.

GPS Location Tracking

It comes prebuilt with a GPS Tracker which can be monitored remotely on your mobile phone, inbuilt micro-messenger on a desktop

Inbuilt Pedometer

This monitors the users steps or physical movements. This makes it possible to use to track the wherabouts of our loved ones and keep them safe at all times.

With The GF21 Realtime GPS Tracker...

You not only get to keep an eagle eye on your vehicles. You also get to keep an eye on your loved ones, gadgets, and luggage. This means you are getting massive value for every penny you spend to acquire and install it.

Wait A Moment

Since it is not enough to just instal a tracker on your car, motorcycle or any of your gadgets, we have also include an e-book to show you how you can maintain your car by yourself.

This e-book is packaged to help you save massive money on maintenance cost and put smiles on your face.

Youd be surprised how some of the little things we ignore can save us so much stress and money when it comes to car car maintenance. You get 12 of those hacks in the special e-book we have put together…

Just for you and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Just Before You Order The Tracker, Read The Testimonies from Some of Our Customers

We provide limousine and bus rental services.

We had a driver known to be terrible news, but no criminal record that could lead to a legal termination, was on the payroll.  Until we observed a car missing one night.

It was then that we started tracking the vehicle and contacted the police.  When the cops tracked down the car, they discovered it was being used to transport a prostitute around town. Imagine prostitutes were being picked up and serviced in our cars! We terminated him when he was arrested by the police. We also did a fantastic job cleaning our car!

He did it in one of our yellow school buses, not in a limousine.



Last year, one of the cars, a Toyota Corolla, we use in the office got stolen. At least that’s what its driver who dropped me off at my residence somewhere in Magodo, Lagos, said.

Once the information got to the transport department, they swung into and involved the police.

Thanks to GPS tracker in the car, their investigation led them to a car parts dealer.

After dropping me at my residence that night, the same driver who reported the theft, sold the car to this dealer and phoned the office to tell them the car had been stolen the previous.

In the end, the driver is now cooling off in detention, incriminated by the voice capture function of the tracker!



Now, Let's Get You A Tracker

All said, the GPS Tracker that'd secure your car, motorcycle, gadgets or even your loved ones is of no good if it still remains with us.

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